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Photo Galleries
Care and Share 2018
Each year, Calvary UMC participates in the Souper Bowl of Caring. This involves collecting money and food on Super Bowl Sunday and providing labor to a local charity. Calvary UMC collects money and food for Care adn Share and a team from Calvary works at Care and Share providing support that is needed. This year the group filled almost 400 boxes of various food products to be provided to members of the community in need.

UMW Craft Sale Nov 1 2014
The Calvary UMW Craft Fair held Sat. Nov 1, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    Sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Women.  Proceeds go to missions supporting women, children and families
Thanks for your support.

Mother's Tea 2013
The 2013 Mother's Tea at Calvary was a great success and fun was had by all who enjoyed the tea, the creative cupcakes, and all the other scrumptious desserts.

Family Advent 2013
Photos from our 2013 Family Advent night on December 1, 2013.

CUMC Labyrinth Pictures here
The building of the CUMC Labyrinth.  North side of CUMC.
What is a Labyrinth?
      The labyrinth is an ancient mystical tool that can help bring about personal transformation and a shift in consciousness. It is meant to awaken us to the deep rhythm that unites us to ourselves and to the Light that calls from within.
     Physically, a Labyrinth is a design having a single pathway which, after a number of twists and turns, arrives at the center of the design.  A maze, on the other hand, is designed to be confusing and multi-cursal, having multiple pathways and dead ends.

Why walk the Labyrinth!
      John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, invited the country folk of his time to find a method to listen and live from their deepest source of life within as a means to find their wholeness and creativity.
Wesley encouraged each person to develop a method to recollect themselves and journey inward to their sacred center which is abundantly alive and our true nature.

Walking the Labyrinth is one of many methods to find a spacious and peaceful simplicity within. The Labyrinth provides a space to listen to one’s inner and outer world and find a slower pace in our busy lives.

Many hands (and backs) were needed to make it all happen. Dorothy Horton probably has a good grasp of the subject.  The "Bobcat" guy showed up this afternoon and hauled the dirt away, moved the breeze (gravel) into the circle, and filled the swale with the river rocks.  There is still some clean up work to do leveling the breeze and shaping the river bed and rocks on the edge of the parking lot.

Stop by and have a look.....and take a moment to reflect on your own journey.

Family Advent 2012
December 2012 -Family Advent Night

A special event for the families of the church with young children.
The Youth Fellowship presented an on-going Living Nativity in the Centrum and there was Christmas story, told by a master storyteller.
We hope all who attended had an enjoyable time and wonderful Christmas memories. 
A big thank you to all who attended and those volunteers who helped support this special Advent event in so many ways.

Pueblo Reservoir 2012 pictures here...

6th Annual CUMC Pueblo Reservoir Campout

Another fun filled event for the friends and families who took some time to camp out and enjoy the cool waters of the Pueblo Reservoir and each others company.

Stewardship Dinner Oct 2011

   Photos from October 28 - 6:00 pm  -  Beef Briskit  dinner and presentation by Hank Colvert.

“You Make a Difference… Challenge Yourself, Change the World.”
Our Stewardship theme for 2011 emphasizes ways in which each of us can, through small changes in the way we live our lives, make a major impact. This impact might be in the outcome of our individual lives, our church, our community, or even the world. While our campaign is focused on monetary gifts – necessary to operate Calvary and serve the needs of our community – we hope to explore a broader spectrum of personal stewardship.

Consecration Sunday wil be on October 30.  We'll announce initial results of our successful campaign at both services on Sunday, Nov 6.

Nov 19 Habitat Build
Photos from the 'Habitat for Humanity' Apositles Build November 19 2011.

Chicago Mission June 2011
   Photos of the CUMC Adult Chicago Mission trip from June 17-26, 2011.

Russia Inititiave
In April of 2011 the RMRI group was able to bring Rev. Dima to the Russia Initiative Consultation in Oklahoma City.  This consultation is a chance to review activities and progress of the various churches and districts in the Eurasian Conference and to map out goals for the future. 

During this trip Rev. Dima was able to visit Colorado Springs and participate in worship services and activities of the four RMRI churches.  Clergy and laypersons alike were, for the first time, able to interact with Rev Dima on a personal basis and vice-versa.  Rev. Dima was overwhelmed by the warmth and openness of the American Methodists and we found him to be a sensitive and caring young pastor.

Please enjoy the many photos showing
Arkhangelsk City, Arkhangelsk Church, Rev. Dima and his family, and his visit here to the US and Colorado Springs. 

Be sure to see the special videos from Rev. Dima and the one  about the Russia initiative.


CUMC Mission Fair 2011

Calvary’s Mission Fair

Sunday, August 28, 2011
Ever wonder what the organizations do that you contribute loose change offerings to?  Our first CUMC Mission fair was a great way to meet some of the local and not-so-local organizations Calvary supports and a wonderful opportunity to learn more about them and say “thank you” to all the different missions for what they do for us and for our community.

2010 Stewardship Celebration
CUMC members and families at the Stewardship Celebration.

Pueblo Reservoir 2010
Another successful fun filled CUMC Camp Out.

Pueblo Reservoir 2009