Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Welcome to Children's Ministry!

You will find activities and programs for children and their families from ages Newborn through the 5th grade.

We believe that childhood is an important time to lay the foundation for your child's life. Grown ups express their spirituality differently than children. At Calvary, we work hard to give children experiences that will fit who they are and how they learn. We have a rythym to our activities, but there are always new things happening also.

So, come on in, take time to browse our different areas. If you have questions, please contact our church office at 719-599-7250.

Please find the age of your child(ren) and choose from our different offerings for those ages.

We hope to see you here on Sunday!

All kids -

Newborn through Potty Trained -

Potty Trained Preschoolers through 5th graders -

Calvary-UMC also has other resources available, such as Calvary Preschool and Children's Literacy Center