Youth Scrip Program

Youth Scrip Program

We do not want your money! This is what we like to hear. We would like to re-introduce you to a unique way the Youth/Young Adult program has been “fundraising” without you even knowing it…and it could benefit YOU, too.

It is called the SCRIP program. SCRIP fundraising is a no-selling program that uses gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards for everyday purchases.  You purchase the gift card and WE earn an instant rebate to help us pay for our mission trips. It is THAT easy!  IN 2015, with just a few families participating, we earned $2300.  Have a smart phone? No problem! SCRIP also offers a SCRIPNow option (sent to your e-mail where you can print off a paper copy from your computer or have the store scan your card via your phone) and a ReloadNow option (reload your plastic cards on your phone or computer), as well as an easy app called MyScripWallet to manage everything.

I know what you are thinking…do I really need to think ahead to buy cards? Well, yes, but it is an easy switch when you think about what you buy all the time! Groceries, gas, gifts, etc., can all be purchased with gift cards that you pre-purchase using what you budgeted anyway. Here is an example… I know I am going to fill up my gas tank this week and am going to spend $50. I can buy my gift card on Sunday at the SCRIP table (by the Youth/Young Adult bulletin board), order online, use my app, etc. to get that card and use it at the tank. EASY AND you have automatically helped the youth program for their mission trip! There are over 500 retailers!

If you would like to learn more, feel free to check out their website at If you would like to register for OUR program, use Enrollment Code:  C358726427425.  Too confusing?  Still have questions? No problem! We have people at our SCRIP table every Sunday OR you can contact our Calvary Coordinator, Karin Cowan, at 719-475-2504 or 719-231-6245 or George Powell at 719-339-1582.

Thank you, in advance, for ALL your support of the Youth/Young Adult program at Calvary!

Dione Russell
Youth/Young Adult Ministries Director