Rocky Mountain Russia Initiative

Rocky Mountain Russia Initiative

Pleae enjoy this special 'Thank You' from Rev. Dima via Skype from Russia.

Watch special video here.

Rocky Mountain Russian Initiative (RMRI) has been assigned to help support the small United Methodist Church in Arkhangelsk, Russia and has committed to providing $10,000 annually to partially pay the salary of the pastor, Reverend Dima Balashov.

In April of 2011 the RMRI group was able to bring Rev. Dima to the Russia Initiative Consultation in Oklahoma City.  This consultation is a chance to review activities and progress of the various churches and districts in the Eurasian Conference and to map out goals for the future.  During this trip Rev. Dima was able to visit Colorado Springs and participate in worship services and activities of the RMRI churches.  Clergy and laypersons alike were, for the first time, able to interact with Rev Dima on a personal basis and vice-versa.  Rev. Dima was overwhelmed by the warmth and openness of the American Methodists and we found him to be a sensitive and caring young pastor.

Please enjoy the many photos showing Arkhangelsk City, Arkhangelsk Church, Rev. Dima and his church family, and his visit here to the United States and Colorado Springs. 
There are many opportunities in supporting the RMRI efforts either through participation on the committee, needed donations, or even on our trips to Arkhangelsk where you can experience the Russian people and their struggles to become Methodists.

For more information about RMRI and how you can be of help, contact Worth or Joan McCue at 719-528-1896.

The Russia Initiative is an outreach program of the General Board of Global Ministries.  Its purpose is to establish Methodist churches in Russia.  The Rocky Mountain Russia Initiative (RMRI), is an organization of four churches, Calvary UMC, St. Paul’s UMC, Central UMC, and Good Shepherd UMC, that has been formed to help support this mission.

Watch this video to learn more about this initiative.