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NEWS & Notes

News & Notes

Written by Barb Kilbourne - Office Manager

News and Notes August 18, 2019

Conversations on Our Way Forward
Courageous Conversation #8
Sunday, August 25, 12:30 a.m. (with lunch)
Monday, August 26, 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday, August 27, 10:00 a.m.
Breakfast Burritos Available Today!
Come to the Fireside Area today to get a vegetarian or sausage burrito. Donations will go to the Children’s Literacy Center. Check out their table for other ways you can help this ministry.  

Altar Flowers
The flowers on the altar today are in memory of Steve Walstrom (born 8/22/65 and died 8/28/84) by his mother, Margaret Baptist.

Bring Fresh Flowers for the Altar
The altar design team would like to honor your loved one by having fresh flowers each Sunday. Sign up on the bulletin board in the hall to bring them in honor or celebration of someone.  

Thank You From Eastern Plains
Thank you for donating items to the Eastern Plains Community Pantry (EPCP) over the past few months.    As you may or may not know, Calvary provided EPCP funds to purchase an air condition unit to keep the canned and boxed food storage room below 70 degrees in the summer.  The cooler was needed to extend the shelf life of stored food which enables the pantry to provide fresher food to clients with reduced risk of contamination.  The pantry serves an average of 1,200 people per month.
Below is a note that was received thanking the church for the funds. 
"We have the new portable air condition unit installed and operating in the pantry storeroom.  There has been a marked reduction in the room temperature (69 degrees Monday morning).  Please relay our thanks to those responsible for this great improvement at the Pantry, Bob Selle, Chair, EPCP"

Native American Multimedia Night
The last Native American multimedia night is Friday, August 23rd at 7pm in Friendship Hall. We will hear personal life stories shared by members of the Native American Women’s Association.  Refreshments will be served.  Everyone over the age of 10 is welcome.  Come join us!

Prime Timers Need Volunteers
Calvary Prime Timers are looking for volunteers to help with our monthly luncheon. We meet the second Wednesday of the month. It involves helping to prepare the meal, serving and cleaning up after the program. The time involved is approximately 9:30am until 1:00pm. You DO NOT have to be there the whole time.  We guarantee you will have a good time interacting with both the workers and our valuable Calvary Super Seniors! If this sounds like something you would like to do, please get in touch with Freda Rhyne at 641-4922 or  or Linda Case at 550-9353 or Thanks in advance!

Last Day of Collecting School Supplies
Donated school supplies for UMCOR may be brought to the donation boxes by the SW doors.  Many thanks for your continued support! Judy Gearhart

Food for the Alamosa Food Bank
Canned meat (chicken and tuna) and healthy canned goods are needed at the Alamosa Food Bank for children, men and women who stop by for food.  Donations will be welcomed at the table in the Fireside Area during the month of September.  Thank you to the members and friends at Calvary for your support.

Collecting Hygiene items for Migrant Farm Workers
Hygiene items needed for migrant farm workers coming to the San Luis Valley in Colorado include: Towel, wash cloth, shaving cream, 6 razors, shampoo/conditioner, a comb, tooth brush & tooth paste, and bar of soap.  Bring donated items to the Fireside Area donation box during the month of August.

Worship Team Visits are Next Sunday, August 25
Join us to take music, fellowship and communion to those who are unable to attend regular Sunday services.  Meet inside the east doors by the church office at 1:00pm.   Contact Debbie or Mike Witherspoon at 591-0963 for more information.  Next visit:  September 22.

Sunday, August 18
8:30    Contemporary Service
9:45    Upper Room Sunday School
9:45    Chapel Bible Study        
11:00  Traditional Service
12:15  Calvary Prayer Shawls Group
          *Church Closed after Service* 
Monday, August 19
4:30    Nominating Committee
6:15    Girl Scouts
Tuesday, August 20
9:30    Elizabeth Circle
9:30    Calvary Widowers
4:30    Finance Committee
6:00    Our Way Forward Team 
7:00    Scouts BSA
7:00    Al-Anon
Wednesday, August 21
6:00    Praise Team Rehearsal
6:00    Calvary Book Group
6:00    Stephen Ministry
Thursday, August 22
5:30    Bible Journaling
6:30    Chancel Choir Rehearsal
Friday, August 23
*Church Closed*
7:00    Native American Multimedia Night
Saturday, August 24
*Church Closed*
Sunday, August 25
8:30    Contemporary Service
9:45    Adult Sunday School     
11:00  Traditional Service
12:30  Courageous Conversation with lunch
1:00    Visiting Worship Team
*Church Closed after Conversation*