Mens Group

Mens Group

Men's Group

The Calvary UMC Men's Group is an open membership group. We have breakfast together twice a month. On the first Saturday of each month, we gather for food and fellowship at a local restaurant. We order off the menu and enjoy each other's company discussing whatever may be the topic of the day.

On the third Saturday, we gather at Calvary and cook our own breakfast. Camaraderie and fellowship is the order of the morning around the stove and the breakfast table.

Other events include cooking and serving Calvary's Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner before Lent starts, and grill and serve hot dogs and chips for Calvary's Neighborhood Fun Day.

But most of all, we have fellowship whether it is around food, fun or work. Being together and sharing our gifts, talents, and faith helps us to be better friends for each other, better members of Calvary and more productive Christians. For fun, food and fellowship, come and join this fine group of sharing and helpful men of Calvary UMC.