2019 Church Council
  • Office Name
    Chuch Council Chair David Erickson
    Lay Leader Vic McMillen
    Lay Member of Annual Conference Dorothy Horton
    Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair Dorothy Horton
    Finance Committee Chair Tom Saponas
    Board of Trustees Chair Tom Brandon
    Pastor Rev. David Amrie
    Financial Secretary/Office Manager Barb Kilbourne
    United Methodist Women Representative TBD
    Church Council Vice-Chair Chuck Bush
    Secretary Polly Bosworth
    Permanent Endowment Committee Chair Bob Morris
    Ministry Team Chair Tami Toma
    Committee Chairs
  • Committee Chairperson
    Board of Trustees Tom Brandon
    Finance Tom Saponas
    Ministry Team Tami Toma
    Permanent Endowment Bob Morris
    Preschool Board Carl Zielomski
    Staff Parish Relations Dorothy Horton
    Technology Stan Lauck
    Ministry Teams
  • Ministry Team Lead
    Health & Wellness Judy Gearhart
    Memorials Elissa Feldmeyer
    Safety Team Dick Wise
    The Neighbors We Have From God Karrel Stevens
    Church Council Description
  • This is the sole Council in the Church and is the primary leadership team in the church. The Church Council’s major emphasis is to create a stable environment for coordination and communication between the Calvary ministries.

    The church council sets policy, approves the budget recommended by Finance and acts as the administrative agency of the church/charge conference.
    Monthly meetings are deemed important to establish communication, assisting in planning programs, coordinate activities, build trust, and resolve issues concerning finances and staffing. These meetings serve their purpose by allowing all attendees to become more aware of church activities, issues and provide solutions.
    Communications Team
  • The ‘Communications Team’ are the folks that coordinate the communications for Calvary United Methodist Church. There are many ways to communicate to others within Calvary.  The various methods of communication and points of contact for each include:

    • Advertising/Publicity                                            TBD                               TBD
    • Calvary Connection (e-mail distribution)             Chuck Patterson            connection@calvary-umc.org
    • Children's Facebook                                              Nani Arning                  NArning@calvary-umc.org
    • Church Calendar                                                    Barb Kilbourne             BKilbourne@calvary-umc.org
    • Church Council                                                      David Erickson             deericks@comcast.net
    • Calvary UMC Facebook                                        Rebecca Ryan                timandrebeccaryan@gmail.com
    • Message (monthly newsletter)                               David Erickson             deericks@comcast.net
    • News & Notes (weekly information)                     Barb Kilbourne             BKilbourne@calvary-umc.org
    • Welcome Slides (weekly information)                   Barb Kilbourne             BKilbourne@calvary-umc.org
    • Website                                                                   David Erickson             deericks@comcast.net
    • Youth Facebook                                                      Dione Russell               DRussell@calvary-umc.org
    Permanent Endowment Committee
  • The Permanent Endowment Committee is responsible for the management of endowment funds donated to the church, and for disbursement of those funds in an appropriate manner. The committee also works to make people aware of what endowments are and why one might consider establishing an endowment with the church which would create a living memory of a person, as well as contribute to the mission of the church.


    Finance Committee
  • The Finance Committee oversees the money given in faith to the church to support its ministries.  In addition, the committee has developed policies for the use and disbursement of all funds to ensure that money is used as intended by the donors.  Transparency and accountability are required in all financial transactions so that people giving money to the church can be confident that it is being used as intended.  All ministry areas are updated monthly on their budget and expenses.

    The committee meets monthly to look over the income from donations, and the expenses incurred.  All fundraisers must receive Finance approval to insure that they are consistent with the values of the church.    Each ministry area prepares a budget request in the fall and Finance constructs a budget based on the income pledged and the expenses requested.  Paying our full commitment to the Annual Conference is a priority.  In short, the Finance Committee strives to be a good steward of the gifts entrusted to Calvary for ministry.

    Memorial Team
  • The Memorial Team serves Calvary UMC as a primary contact and resource to memorialize, gift, or honor an individual or group. The team meets as needed to receive gifts and consider requests for disbursements.
    Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) functions like a mini personnel department for Calvary United Methodist Church (CUMC). 

    The mission of the SPRC is:

    • To integrate the interests of bishop-appointed staff, employed staff and the congregation so the mission of the church is realized.

    • Confer with the congregation, bishop-appointed staff and employed staff about ministry direction.

    • Assess competence and effectiveness of both bishop-appointed staff and employed staff, and provide feedback to the congregation, all staff, and the district superintendent about the way all staff and congregation work together.

    • Confer and consult with the district superintendent.

    • Encourage lifelong learning for all staff.

    The responsibilities of the SPRC are numbered and listed below. They are not listed in any particular order.

    1. To encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor(s), staff and their immediate families, including advocating for a healthy work/life balance.

    2. To promote unity in the church.

    3. To confer with and counsel the pastor(s) and staff on the matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry, relationships with the congregation, conditions that may impede the effectiveness of ministry, and to interpret the nature and function of the ministry.

    4. To confer with, consult, and counsel, the pastor(s) and staff on matters pertaining to priorities in the use of gifts, skills and time and priorities for the demands and effectiveness of the mission and ministry of the congregation.

    5. To provide evaluation at least annually for the use of the pastor(s) in an ongoing effective ministry and for identifying continuing educational needs and plans.

    6. To communicate and interpret to the congregation the nature and function of ministry in The United Methodist Church regarding open itinerancy, the preparation for ordained ministry, and the Ministerial Education Fund.

    7. To develop, maintain and approve written job descriptions for associate pastor(s) and other staff members in cooperation with the senior pastor.

    8. To consult with the pastor(s) and staff concerning continuing education and spiritual renewal, to arrange with the Church Council for the necessary time and financial assistance for the pastor(s)/staff at such continuing education.

    9. To enlist, interview, evaluate, review and recommend annually to the charge conference lay preachers and persons for candidacy for ordained ministry.

    10. To confer with the pastor(s) if it should be evident that the best interest of the church and the pastor(s) will be served by a change in pastors.

    11. To recommend to Church Council staff positions needed to carry out the work of the church.

    12. To create, maintain and submit to the Church Council for approval, a written statement of policies and procedures regarding the hiring, contracting, evaluating, promoting, retiring, and dismissing staff personnel. For CUMC this is the CUMC Employee Handbook.

    13. To recommend to the charge conference, when the size of the employed staff of the church makes it desirable, the establishment of a personnel committee. This committee shall be composed of such members of SPRC as it may designate and such additional members as the charge conference may determine.

    14. To consult on matters pertaining to pulpit supply, compensation, travel expenses, vacation, health and life insurance, pension, housing and other practical matters affecting the work and families of the pastor(s) and staff.

    15. Provide assistance and direction to supervisors for recruitment, retention, evaluation, disciplinary action and termination of lay employees.

    16. To ensure the CUMC Employee Handbook is applied in a fair and consistent manner to all employees.

    17. Assist in resolving grievances between employees and supervisors.

    18. Review job descriptions once per year with the supervisor of the position to ensure the job description is current and up-to-date.

    19. Review the CUMC Staff Parish Relations Committee Policies and Procedures (this document) at least once per year to ensure it is current and up-to-date.

    20. Review the CUMC Employee Handbook at least every three years to ensure it is current and up-to-date.

    21. Annually, develop and submit to the Finance Committee a budget or budgets for the next calendar year that covers the paid staff of the Church.

    During the annual church planning and budgeting process, review the number of times a substitute was used in the past three years as a guide in support of developing a compensation estimate for the up-coming year. A substitute budget will be included as a line item in the Staff Parish Relations Committee budget presented to the Finance Committee and Church Council.

    Technology Team
  • The Technology Team oversees the various technologies used by the church to support church activities. 

    These technologies include the main computer server (truly the hub or center point of our data processing network), workstations, printers, the Local Area Network that connects the workstations to the server, the Internet connections, and all the software programs used by the staff and support volunteers. 

    This team works in conjunction with a paid consultant to maintain and support all of the hardware and software, plan and implement upgrades and replacements, prepare budgets, and maintain documentation of all systems in place.
    Board of Trustees
  • The Board of Trustees is responsible for the building and its use, grounds, and personal property of the church.  Calvary uses volunteers whenever possible to minimize costs, and contracts for services when that is most practical.  The committee maintains various contracts and leases for insurance, telephone service, internet services, trash pick-up, snow removal, lawn care, security and fire alarm monitoring, HVAC service, storage rental, copier service, and utilities. The board is comprised of nine members of which a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary are selected.  This is a very active group which deals with the “bricks and mortar” side of Calvary’s mission.  The committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4 pm, and visitors are always welcome.