Adult Education

Adult Education

Christian Education

Calvary is proud to offer education for spiritual formation and growth opportunities for children, youth, and adults using Bible studies, clinics, seminars and study groups.
Adult opportunities include:
Young Adults Class

The Young Adult Ministry is created for singles and couples who have graduated high school or college up to 30 years of age (and those who feel young at heart).

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Chapel Bible Class - The Chapel, Room 34

Discover this open discussion-oriented class that emphasizes bringing aspects of Christianity into members’ lives with Bible study. The Chapel Bible class concentrates on finding the meaning of God’s Word for their lives today. Join them to explore the wonderful and miraculous stories of The Old Testament. Contact Judy Gearhart at 634-6997 for more information.

Chapel Chatters Class - Room 16

Bible Study & conversation/discussion”.  We’re currently going through the “words in red” credited to Jesus starting in Matthew going through the new testament.  Reading the content, discussing meaning and how the words apply to modern times & our culture.  Contact Brian Wood at 719-593-9476 or Kimberly Kendall at 719-264-6762 for more information.

Seekers Class - Room 30

Everyone is invited to join the Seekers Adult Sunday School class at 9:45 a.m. in room 30 (go in fellowship hall, and the classroom in the little hallway off of Friendship Hall [fellowship hall]). This year we will journey together with the physician, Luke, the only Gentile author in the New Testament, through the book of Acts. We are a fun-loving, Bible-loving group, and would love to have you try us out!  Come a little early 9:30 for coffee and goodies! Our facilitator is Larry Hanawalt, however, we all facilitate!   It is hard for him to control us sometimes! For more information, please contact Larry at 573-0599.

Upper Room Class - Room 33

These couples and singles explore contemporary Christian living together in a caring, nurturing environment using contemporary literature. Previously, this year they studied The Book of Joy by Desmond Tutu & the Dali Lama, Halleluja Anyway by Anne Lamott and What is the Bible? by Rob Bell. This July 8th, they will be starting The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers by Amy Hollingsworth. Come join their stimulating conversations. Contact Tom Saponas at 331-6184 for more information. Note June 10 - August 15 we are meeting at 9am then August 22 we return to our normal 9:45am.

Women of Grace Class - Friendship Hall

These ladies explore Biblical stories and Christian living using a broad range of current literature. Favorite authors include Liz Curtis Higgs, Max Lucado and Adam Hamilton. We welcome all ages. Please contact Lenee' Erickson at 528-6706 if you would like more information.

Disciple Bible Study Series

Long-term transformational Bible Study which does intensive study and discussion of God’s Word while applying readings to our own 21st century lives. They meet weekly as they do significant Bible Study, faith exploration, and challenge each other in theological discussions. Contact the church office at 599-7250 for more information or click here.

The Calvary Book Group

The group meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm. The list of books being read are listed at Calvary Book Group. Contact Dorothy Horton at 598-1394 to learn more.