CUMC Values and Principles

CUMC Values and Principles


The mission of Calvary United Methodist Church is:

"We Welcome and Serve in the Spirit of the Living Christ!"


The vision of Calvary United Methodist Church is:

"Building a Blessed Community!"

The way we approach achieving our mission and vision is to follow the examples of Jesus Christ to welcome all who open our doors and to serve those who grace our doors, in our community and the world.

Two considerations are central to this goal: the sources from which we derive our theological affirmations and the criteria by which we assess the adequacy of our understanding and witness.

As United Methodists, we have an obligation to bear a faithful Christian witness to Jesus Christ, the living reality at the center of the Church’s life and witness. Our spiritual growth is shaped as we consider the wisdom to be gained from the journey of Christians in the New Testament of the Bible, while never forgetting the spiritual encounters with God contained in the Old Testament of the Bible.

We also pay close attention to the experiences of all people who have called upon God in good days and bad, while respecting the traditions of the Christian Church.  Reason affects our understanding of the world as we see it through a Christian perspective. 

At Calvary United Methodist Church we:

  • Invite others to experience the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Decide and act based on the teaching and example of Jesus Christ
  • Provide opportunities to experience spiritual growth as a part of the Body of Jesus Christ
  • Expect active participation in worship, study, prayer, fellowship and sharing of time and resources
  • Acknowledge the differences among God’s people and strive to respect, understand and learn from each other
  • Serve God by serving others
  • Change lives, both ours and others
  • Think and share your thoughts and ideas so that together we may love together
  • Trust God to guide our Community of Faith into the future
  • Act for the well being of the congregation as a whole
  • Practice good stewardship of the resources God gives to us
  • Live by these stated values

All of these influences shape our individual beliefs that transform our response to God and each other.

With Open Hearts, Open Doors and Open Minds, we welcome you to join us.