NEWS & Notes

NEWS & Notes

News & Notes

Written by Barb Kilbourne - Office Manager

News and Notes for February 19, 2017 

Calvary Will be Closed on Presidents’ Day Monday, Febr. 20

Walk to Jerusalem
It’s not too late to join the Health & Wellness sponsored “Walk to Jerusalem”. We need your help!! It is approximately 6,932 miles from Colorado Springs to Jerusalem. We want to arrive in time for Easter! If you would like to participate, the Health & Wellness Committee needs you to record and turn in how many miles, steps or minutes you exercised weekly, so we can plot our progress. Forms are available for your use on the Health and Wellness bulletin board. We also have pedometers if you’d like one in the Health and Wellness box in the office.  At the end of the 12-week walk there will be some prizes for those who walked/exercised the most. Stay tuned for more information! Questions? Contact Carol Zielomski, Parish Nurse at 598-2936 or any Health & Wellness Committee member.

Leftover Food in the Refrigerator
The kitchen ladies ask that you DO NOT leave any food in the kitchen or refrigerator after your event.  Please give it away or take it home with you. Also, please take all dishes and items with you instead of leaving them in the kitchen.  Feel free to empty the full dishwasher after the dishes have been run as well!  Let’s keep the kitchen tidy and not let food go to waste! Thank you!

Health and Wellness Lunch and Learn
Please come and join Health and Wellness on February 26 at 12:15pm to learn how to care for your feet. (This was postponed from last August). Speaker will be Shawn Blake, Certified Pedorthist from Valentine Comfort Shoes. A light lunch will be served. Question? Contact any Health and Wellness committee member--see H&W bulletin board.

Visiting Worship Teams are next Sunday, February 26
Join us to take music, fellowship and communion to those who are unable to attend regular Sunday services.  Meet inside the east doors by the church office at    1:00pm.  Contact Debbie or Mike Witherspoon at 591-0963 for more information.

Join the Chicago Mission Team
Join us for the Chicago Mission Trip.  You are invited to join the planning meeting for this year's Chicago Mission Trip on Monday, February 20, at 4:00 pm.  This year's trip will be June 20 - June 29.  We are now beginning to collect travel size toiletries and white socks for men and women.  Please put them in the bin by the south doors.   For more information, please call Meredith Sage or 264-8262, or Debbie Witherspoon at 591-0963.

Name Tags on Name Tag Board
Please check the name tag board before requesting a new name tag.  If you have recently requested one, you will find it there.  The name tag board is located on the wall across from the welcome desk near the entrance to the Children’s Sunday School/Preschool.  Thank you.

Adverse Weather Impact and Notification
On weekdays when Colorado Springs School District 11 is in session, Calvary United Methodist Church follows the District 11 closure policy.  Whenever District 11 announces a closure or delay via local media outlets (e.g., radio stations, television stations) and websites (e.g., radio, television and School District 11), the Church Office, the Preschool, and all scheduled events on the church calendar will follow suit.

On weekends in extreme circumstances, the Senior Pastor may declare the church closed.  In these instances, the closure will be reported through local media outlets and available methods and media. Unless otherwise announced, Calvary United Methodist Church will always be open for worship on Sunday.

Classes or groups meeting any day of the week may choose to cancel or close at their own discretion. It is the responsibility of group leaders to communicate cancellation or closure information with the members of the group using appropriate methods and media.

King Soopers Reloadable Cards
Many thanks to all those who have been faithfully reloading their King Soopers grocery/gas cards.  We receive a 5% rebate from Kings each time our reloads total $5,000.  If you haven't had a chance to participate before now or you need another card, they may be purchased at the bagel bar on Sunday mornings from Dorothy Horton.  The initial purchase is only $5.00 (which is yours to spend at the store) and can be a win-win situation when you reload the card using your credit card with a rewards program!  Reloads at the store may also be made in cash or by check.  Cards are also available from Barb Kilbourne during office hours.  Let's keep up the good returns for Calvary!   Marcia Morris 

Want to Try Something New?
Have you ever wanted to try something new in our church?  Maybe it was a mission project or a new Sunday School class or a small group.  Maybe it was something totally "outside the box" that you are passionate about.  Have you had these wonderful ideas that God has placed on your heart and given up because you did not know where to even begin?
As the Chair of Church Council, I would like to help provide a remedy.  I would like to help any member of our church family who would like to try something new.  If you have an idea and you are not sure how to get your idea put into action, please contact me and I will meet with you and help you get the ball rolling. My email address is and my cell# is 719-640-6870.  Feel free to email, call or come see me during coffee/donut time between services. God has great plans for Calvary! Tami Toma


Sunday, February 19
8:30    Praise and Worship Service
9:45    Sunday School for All Ages
11:00  Traditional Service
12:15  Calvary Prayer Shawl Group
2:00    Youth Play Rehearsal
4:00    Youth Group/Flat Painting
4:00    Disciple II    
5:30    Twelve on a Journey
Monday, February 20
*Church Office Closed*

1:30    Beth Moore Bible Study
6:00    Youth Play Rehearsal
Tuesday, February 21
9:15    Elizabeth Circle
5:00    Calvary Children’s Literacy Center
6:00    Youth Play Rehearsal
6:30    Finance Committee
6:30    Naomi Circle
7:00    Al-Anon
7:00    Boy Scouts
Wednesday, February 22
10:30  Jeanette and Friends Sewing Bee
5:00    Praise and Worship Soup and Conversation
5:30    Women’s Cancer Support Group
6:30    Outreach Committee
7:00    UMW Book Group
Thursday, February 23
5:00    Calvary Children’s Literacy Center
6:30    Chancel Choir Rehearsal
6:30    First Place 4 Health
Friday, February 24
10:00  Disciple III
Saturday, February 25
No Scheduled Activities
Sunday, February 26
8:30    Praise and Worship Service
9:45    Sunday School for All Ages
9:45    Blood Pressure Checks
11:00  Traditional Service
12:15  Health and Wellness Luncheon and Speaker on Foot Care
1:00    Visiting Worship Teams
2:00    Youth Play Rehearsal
4:00    Youth Group
4:00    Disciple II    
5:30    Twelve on a Journey