Music Ministries

Music Ministries



Music Ministries

The Calvary Music Ministry is composed of a diverse group of people who lead the church in music and worship, with members ranging from professional musicians to non-music readers.  Each group focuses on music from many styles, including the Messiah, as well as music from contemporary artists.  We also offer opportunities for individual or group concerts on Sunday evenings.  Each group rehearses once a week.

Praise and Worship Team

The Praise and Worship Team helps lead our 8:30 am praise and worship service.  They always welcome additional members to play instruments and sing in the band.  Rehearsals are Thursday night from 6:00-7:15 pm. The Praisse and Worship Team takes a break from mid June to mid August each summer.  Director is Katie Sandberg.

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir plays an important part in helping lead our 11:00 am traditional worship service.  The Chancel Choir is made up of people who enjoy singing and sharing their faith through music.  They sing a wide variety of anthems, ranging from spirituals to classical, and everything in between.  This more traditional choir always has room for more voices.  Rehearsals are Thursday night from 7:30-9:00 pm. The Chancel Choir takes a break from Memorial Day to mid August each summer.
Director is Katie Sandberg.



Good Vibrations Permutations Handbell Ensemble

Calvary UMC was represented at the Southern Colorado Handbell Festival in February by the Good Vibrations Permutations handbell ensemble. It was a busy, exciting, full day of rehearsal followed by a glorious evening concert. The group had ordered and received the Festival music last fall and had been rehearsing since late October. On the day of the Festival we were led by clinician Martha Alford, a national presence in the handbell community. Ms. Alford led approximately 300 ringers in exercises, musical rehearsal and performance that day.

Good Vibrations' most recent Permutation included two of our CUMC worship leaders: Rev. David Amrie and organist Marie Kohlwaies. We also had regulars Marc Olson, Myra Brooks and Wendy Kift. There were two sets of mother/daughters as Allison Talavera (Myra's daughter) and Joanne Manning (Wendy's daughter) rounded out the group. We were surrounded at the Festival by handbell ringers from many churches as well as community groups throughout Colorado, and even a few from Nebraska.

A good number of Calvary members were able to attend the evening concert, and provided many compliments on the performance. It was well attended, free of charge, and a wonderful community event.

Some Calvary folks have been asking the handbell ringers why we don't play more often in church. The main reason is because we do not have a director to lead a bell choir. The ensemble is an ad hoc group (hence the "Permutations" in our name - we have different members for the various occasions when we play) and we function without a director. This means the members have to choose music, arrange rehearsal and performance times and spaces, handle all the administrative duties of a director, and play without a director's guidance. It is much more difficult, logistically and musically, and is not a model that can be sustained for any length of time.

Do you know someone with the skills and background to be a bell choir director? If not, perhaps you could speak to one of the SPRC members about renewing the search for such a person. It's good for the bells to be played, and it's good for our church community to hear and enjoy them.

In the meantime, the members of Good Vibrations Permutations are grateful for having had the opportunity to represent Calvary UMC at such an enriching event and look forward to being blessed and providing blessings in other opportunities in the future.